What is Royal Jelly ?: Understanding What it Really Is

What is royal jelly? That's a common question asked by many people in the market for health supplements. When you first hear it, it sounds maybe like it's a product more closely related to Vasoline or some type of lubricant than it is a product related to the health field. But despite its name, royal jelly is actually one of the best-working health supplements on the market today, providing people with a wide range of positive benefits when they take it regularly. 

So, if you're one of those many people asking “what is royal jelly?” the good news is that this article is going to inform you with everything you need to know regarding the basics of this wonderful supplement. So let's get on with the show and explain how this confusing-sounding supplement works and what it is.

Where Royal Jelly Comes From

“What is royal jelly,” you ask? Well, it actually comes from bees! While the name might not give you that impression, royal jelly is actually one of the most common substances bees produce. Think of royal jelly kind of like you would think of a mother mammal feeding her young through milk. The royal jelly is the secretions of honeybees that they use to feed their larvae. It's actually a pretty cool thing.

To give you an idea of just how awesome royal jelly is, listen to this. When the hive needs a new queen, the worker bees can actually create one from scratch! That's right. They will build a special cell to store a larva in, and they will feed it a lot of royal jelly. When fed in abundance, the larva receiving this royal jelly will transform from a regular worker bee into a queen bee! Pretty cool, right? Now just imagine the health benefits this type of substance can deliver for you.

So the next time you ask yourself what is royal jelly, just think of it like the stuff bees use to turn regular bees into X-Men superhero bees.

The Many Benefits of Royal Jelly

Now that you know what royal jelly is in a general sense, what is royal jelly exactly as it pertains to your health? This is the important information you need to know before taking any type of supplement. So, to put it in a simple way, royal jelly if one of nature's true super foods. It's packed full of tons of different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that your body needs to survive. So when you're supplementing your intake and introducing extra amounts of this good stuff, you're going to look and feel better as a result.

The list of royal jelly benefits is rather long and includes:

•    Protection against diseases like Graves Disease
•    Promotes brain health and the healthy growth of cells
•    Can help to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body
•    Antioxidant properties help to fight against aging
•    Can aid in the healing of wounds like sores and scrapes
•    Antibiotic properties can fight against bacteria and infection
•    Fertility aid in women to produce healthier eggs
•    Protection against cancer
•    Immune boosting properties
•    Protection from kidney damage
•    Can help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels

What Royal Jelly Can Do

As you can see, it's a powerful supplement that can help to promote a much healthier lifestyle. However, you still have to use it as part of a healthy lifestyle, making sure to eat a proper diet and to exercise regularly. If you're trying to live a longer, fuller, healthier life, adding a supplement like royal jelly to your routine might just help you to reach your ultimate goals.

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