Side Effects to Royal Jelly

Comparing a dangerous drug like Ephedra and its side effects to royal jelly, you'll see a disparity of at least 20:1. This might come across as great news for those of you who are in the market for royal jelly and want to experience the benefits. But, then again, it might also be shocking to some others who didn't know that royal jelly had any side effects at all. Well, hopefully this article will explain the different side effects royal jelly can have, and also why they happen. Then we'll explain the many benefits you could experience.

The truth of the matter is that every supplement on the planet has side effects. Now, comparing other harmful drugs and their side effects to royal jelly side effects is a pretty unfair fight. Nevertheless, it's very important that you know everything you can about a supplement before you spend your money on it and put it into your body.

A Closer Look at Royal Jelly

Before we get around to discussing the potential side effects to royal jelly consumption, let's first speak about what royal jelly is and where it comes from. Royal jelly is another one of those products that those awesome honeybees create. Unlike the pollen and propolis, however, royal jelly isn't something the bees gather up from their natural environment. This is a product they create inside of their bodies and feed to their larvae inside of the hive. Basically it's like giving milk to a young baby. These larvae grow big and strong inside of their cells with the help of the royal jelly.

Actually, the royal jelly is more powerful than the propolis and the pollen. This is all because it is specifically designed by the bees to create new, healthy bees. In fact, feeding large amounts of jelly to a regular worker bee larva can turn it into a queen bee. Now that's some powerful stuff. When people take this supplement, it can have many different positive benefits. Unfortunately, though, it can also have some side effects.

The Side Effects of Royal Jelly

The royal jelly side effects to royal jelly benefits ratio is completely one-sided. The benefits definitely outnumber the negatives, as we will explain below. But you also should know that some people shouldn't be taking royal jelly. Some people have allergies to bees and therefore to anything that bees produce. While some of these allergies can be mild, others can be very severe. Let's look at it more closely.

Some of the side effects reported from allergies include:

•    Contact dermatisis
•    Acute asthma
•    Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
•    Swelling
•    Coughing and sneezing
•    Watery eyes
•    Upset stomach

Most of these side effects are very mild and treatable, but if you have a severe allergy to bee products, the consequences might be very bad.

The Benefits of Royal Jelly

Don't let the negative side get you down. Having an allergy to bees and the products they produce is not a very common thing, and the good news is that you probably already know if you're allergic or not. The overwhelming majority of people can take royal jelly without any issues whatsoever.

To finish the royal jelly side effects to royal jelly benefits comparison, let's take a look at some of the positives you can expect to find with the supplement.

•    A stronger immune system
•    Antioxidants for anti-aging
•    Cancer fighting properties
•    Protection against many common diseases
•    Protection against infections
•    A natural way to boost energy
•    A way to boost female fertility
•    Natural antibiotic properties
•    A great way to increase brain health
•    One of nature's super foods

As you can see, the benefits definitely outnumber the potential side effects, and that's why so many people have started taking this great supplement.

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