Royal Jelly Skin Care Routine: The 4 Steps

If you’re not sure what a royal jelly skin care routine is, then you first need to know what this superfood is. It’s not one of those fancy supplements that you see on late-night TV. The truth is, it doesn’t have a lot of lobbying power behind it. It’s an all-natural product that people have been aware of for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used to use this product for its healthy properties. They specifically used it as part of their skin care routine.

Royal jelly is a thick bee secretion that’s absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. In the extremely hot, very harsh desert climate of North Africa, Egyptians found that using royal jelly could keep their skin projected from the sun and even from the signs of aging. 

It’s still used today as part of a healthy skin care routine, and below you will learn how you can create your own routine with royal jelly as the centerpiece. 

Step One: Discovering the Forms of Royal Jelly

For royal jelly skin care in particular, there are two types of product that you’re going to find helpful: The topical jelly in its pure form, and the capsule form. Each provides a lot of great benefits to the person using it, but they’re obviously applied in different ways and thus give different results. 

If you’re looking to use royal jelly to help in your skin care routine, you can select one or the other, or you can use both in order to receive the internal and external benefits of the natural supplement. It all depends on what you want from your royal jelly skin care routine. 

Step Two: Royal Jelly Skin Care For Aging

Now that you’ve found the topical form of royal jelly, it’s time to discuss how this particular product is great for aging. The skin loses collagen as it ages and becomes damaged. This causes skin to sag, wrinkle and to lose its youthful luster. The vitamins and minerals inside of royal jelly help to replenish your skin’s youthfulness. With regular application, along with proper skin care maintenance, you can expect younger looking, more vibrant skin as a result of the routine. 

Step Three: Royal Jelly For Acne

Acne doesn’t only appear due to dirty skin, although that most certainly is one of its causes. Acne also pops up due to a bad diet, a hormone imbalance, and generally poorer health. By taking royal jelly in its capsule form, you can help to restore vital nutrients to the body and thus work to correct any hormonal issues you may have. This, along with a general improvement in health, will help your skin stay healthier with less acne to worry about. 

Step Four: Giving Royal Jelly a Healthy Boost 

Taking a supplement isn’t the be-all, end-all of bad skin. You still have to put forth some effort if you want the best skin possible. 

  • Stay thoroughly hydrated at all times
  • Make sure you’re getting sleep
  • Wash your bedding often
  • Wash your face multiple times a day
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Get off the junk food and the sodas
  • Put those cigarettes down!
  • Exercise regularly and eat a proper diet

Like it or not, your skin’s health is tied directly to the health of your entire body. If you’re unfit on the inside, your skin is going to reflect it on the outside. Royal jelly is very potent, but it can’t do everything by itself. If you’re willing to help things along, then you should be able to use a royal jelly skin care routine to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful. 

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