New Zealand Bee Pollen: Why it is the Best

New Zealand Bee Pollen is a superior product when compared to pollen from elsewhere around the globe. The main reason, is that the climate of this country makes bees stronger and healthier, thanks to the unspoiled environment.  Healthy bees produce better bee pollen, and that is why this country's bee pollen is sought after around the whole world. 

What is Bee Pollen?

To understand what bee pollen is, you have to understand what bee pollen does. Long before humans found this super supplement in nature, bees were using it to raise their larvae into healthy, productive bees. So what you’ll find inside of a pollen granule is a great mixture of everything a growing baby bee needs: Complex carbohydrates, healthy fatty acids, key vitamins and minerals, and a lot of protein to create a strong body. 

Harmonically enough, this is the same stuff people need in order to thrive. Our bodies need complex carbs, heart-healthy fatty acids, good vitamins and minerals, and muscle-building protein. So while pollen is a bee’s literal life force, it’s also a super food for humans. 

How is New Zealand Bee Pollen Different?

New Zealand bee pollen is different because of the area itself. Think of it this way: What if you found a bee hive that was directly beside a junkyard or a sewage plant? Would you want to scoop out the honey to put it on your biscuits? Would you want to eat the pollen? Of course not. You would be afraid that the surrounding garbage worked its way inside of the pollen. And you would be correct. 

This is why New Zealand bee pollen is superior. When bees do their typical buzzing and gathering and building, they’re collecting materials from pristine locations that aren’t bogged down with pollution. Bees in New Zealand find fresher, healthier substances to use to create their pollen, and thus the end product is safer and more effective at its job. 

Are There More Benefits to Better Pollen?

Cleaner, healthier pollen is a powerful pollen, and thus pollen found in New Zealand is going to have more positive effects than pollen that’s found elsewhere. You’re going to get a higher dosage of essential vitamins and minerals, stronger proteins, more complex carbohydrates, and none of the harmful stuff brought in inadvertently by those junkyard bees. 

Bee pollen can aid in digestion, help with memory, assist you in losing weight, help with skin problems, and so much more. The cleaner and more powerful pollen from New Zealand naturally has a much larger impact on your health. 

How Do I Know If It’s Pure Pollen?

You should never be fooled by imitators out there passing their pollen off as pure. If it’s not from New Zealand, then you may want to think twice about getting it. Always check out the company selling the pollen and check to see where and how they gather the pollen. Pollen that’s from New Zealand is naturally better, but you also need to look at how pure it actually is. 

Understand that not all pollen is created equally. Although you may think you’re getting a great deal on a health supplement, you could end up wasting money or even harming your body. If the product you’re purchasing isn’t natural and pure, keep on looking until you find a product that’s actually worth your time. We have researched various brands, and have reached the conclusion that Nutrinew offers a great quality product. For a limited time only, they're giving free shipping and an extra 5% off on all products, if you use the following discount code during checkout: Nutri5

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