How to Take Bee Propolis for Everyday Uses

If you always wanted to know how to take bee propolis, read on. Bees are famous for giving people great substances and supplements that we absolutely love. Honey is one of nature’s best-tasting and most versatile sweeteners, and bee pollen and royal jelly are powerful supplements aiding in everything from weight loss and cholesterol to mental health and fertility. Another great gift given to us by the bees is bee propolis. This resin mixture is comprised of botanical bits of sap, tree buds, and other of nature’s goodies.


Propolis is often used in the hives as a sort of sealant, but people harvesting this nutritious substance have found quite a few other uses for it. If you’re wondering how to take bee propolis and what it can be used for, keep reading for different uses of this unique supplement.


What is Bee Propolis Made of ?

While bee propolis isn’t quite on the same level as royal jelly in terms of vitamins and nutrients, it’s still loaded with a lot of great stuff – just not quite as much. Made up of different proteins, acids and flavonoids, you can find a wide range of uses with this resin.

Among its many benefits are:

·         A boost to the body’s immune system

·         A natural free-radical-fighting cancer defense

·         A natural antiseptic

·         A useful balm for sores and rashes

·         An aid to genital herpes

·         An aid to dental health

·         A boost for liver function

·         A natural antioxidant

·         An antimicrobial quality

·         And much, much more

How to Take Bee Propolis as an Ointment

If you want to know how to take bee propolis as an ointment, it’s quite simple. You want to start out with the right type of propolis of course. You can create your own at home by adding liquid propolis to an existing ointment at about a 3% concentration, or you can purchase a propolis ointment.

On skin rashes, hives, second-degree burns, genital lesions and/or infections, or any other type of surface inflammatory disturbance – you can use propolis to soothe and heal the area. Just wash the area thoroughly and dry it before applying the propolis. After a few treatments, the symptoms should subside.


Bee Propolis as a Supplement

In its supplement form, i.e. a capsule, bee propolis is quite strong and will assist you in many areas. For example, if you’re suffering from a common cold, propolis and its antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties will help you get the sickness out of your system very quickly. It’s also great for other illnesses and allergies you may be suffering from.

Consuming bee propolis in this fashion is also good for stomach ulcers, urinary tract infections, and even digestion and irritable bowels.


Bee Propolis as a Liquid 

Bee propolis in liquid form can have some great everyday uses. If you have mouth sores, any problems with tooth plaque or decay, or simply need to keep up with your dental hygiene, rinsing your mouth with about 10 milliliters of propolis in a glass of warm water will solve those issues. The antifungal and antimicrobial qualities shine in this regard.

Actually drinking the mixture rather than rinsing or gargling with it will help to boost your body’s immune system. This can help you fight against urinary infections, free radicals, and many other health issues.

Although we have covered some practical uses for this supplement, you may still be wondering how to take bee propolis safely. Remember to always check with the manufacturer’s label on any package of propolis and do not exceed the recommended daily usage.

Propolis is perfectly safe and all natural, but abusing the supplement can lead to issues.


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