How to Take Bee Pollen Safely

To learn how to take bee pollen safely, there are a few things to consider. From what the world understands about natural bee pollen, it’s a perfectly safe, very effective all-natural supplement found in nature. After all, bee pollen is nothing more than an amalgamation of various goodies collected in nature by worker honey bees, who then compact the pollen to fertilize new bees. For human consumption, it’s not only safe, but it’s also extremely effective in a wide range of health-related areas.

However, even the safest supplements out there can be harmful if you’re taking them improperly. Water is safe and very essential to life, but it can also be harmful in many forms. Bee pollen doesn’t differ in that regard. 

Understanding how to take bee pollen safely is important, so let’s go over a few key points you should focus on. 

What Bee Pollen is and the Different Types

Before you can understand how to take bee pollen, you should first understand the different types of pollen out there. The pollen you’re receiving at the store or through the mail most likely isn’t in its natural form. It’s not like you’re sticking your hand in a bee hive to retrieve it; some work has been done to transform it into a supplement for easy human consumption.

With that being said, there are generally three types of bee pollen on the market: Capsules, granules, and chewable tablets. The granules are typically the purest form of pollen, while the capsules usually contain pure pollen in them. The tablets often use other natural ingredients to create the tablets and to provide flavorings. 

Each type of pollen will be taken differently, so it’s important to focus on the specific type you have. For instance, you wouldn’t chew the capsules or swallow the tablets. Right!? 

Learn How to Take Bee Pollen: Pay  Attention to the Manufacturer’s Warnings 

To understand how to take bee pollen safely, the first step is to read the manufacturer’s warning. What you’re looking for here is the recommended dosage. Like all supplements, you never want to exceed the maximum dose. However, you may find that you don’t need the total maximum dose either. So you may be interested in only taking the pollen occasionally.

Read about any specific warnings if you’re pregnant or nursing. Find out if you have bee allergies or if you have another condition that may make you susceptible to the bee pollen. After you find out if it’s safe to take, heed the label and take the pollen as directed by the manufacturer.

There may be some articles out there that tell you it’s okay to take X amount of the supplement, but if the manufacturer suggests Y, that’s the advice you want to go with. 

Figuring Out Your Needs

After you understand how to take bee pollen (i.e. dissolving granules under your tongue, or taking capsules with a meal), you need to decide on a regimen that works for you. Maybe you don’t need to take the substance three times a day. Maybe you want a little more in your system than just three a day. You have to find the right balance per your specific needs and intentions without defying the manufacturer’s warnings. 

If you’re taking the pollen for weight loss, for instance, you might want to use more of it than if you’re taking it help improve your mood. Your dosage depends on your needs in large part. 

Keeping an Eye on the Dosage

As long as you’re on the pollen, pay attention to how your body reacts to it. Though it has proven very safe for many people, there is a slight chance you’ll begin to develop an allergy to the product if you have an allergy to bees. However, if you’re heeding the warnings and being safe with the pollen, you should be just fine.

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