Bee Honey Propolis: By Any Name, Bee Propolis Can Work

There are many people searching for bee honey propolis right now, and many of them think that this supplement is actually different than regular bee propolis. This is only because search terms vary so widely on the Internet. Yes, you're reading this article via the Internet right now, and you have to understand that the same things are often called different names online. It's all about keywords and marketing. 

This is important because there are a lot of people who are searching for bee propolis in order to experience some great health benefits, but when they see a term like bee honey propolis, they focus only on the “honey” and think that it's a completely different product or even a food condiment! Don't worry. We're going to explain exactly what bee propolis is and what it can do for you, no matter what you may have heard it called in the past.

What Exactly is Bee Propolis?

Whether you call it bee honey propolis, bee propolis, or just propolis, this substance is a resin that is created by honeybees. Think of a resin like tree sap in terms of texture. When it's moist, it is kind of like pancake syrup. When it's dry, it gets hard and brittle like dry glue. When you're getting it in supplement form, you're either getting a powdered version that has been put in capsules, or you're getting an extract form, which is a concentrated variety of propolis that has been extracted using alcohol and other natural, safe substances.

The propolis is made by honeybees during their hive-building process. These hardworking bees are constantly on the go, flying around and picking up material like tree sap, buds from flowers, and pieces of fruits and vegetables. They're turning all of these nutrient-rich particles into the propolis, and they use it to protect their hives against intruders, instability, and, most importantly, from diseases that could spread throughout the hive. So it is a very powerful substance in nature.

Knowing What You're Getting

It's important to know what you're getting when you purchase propolis. As we stated at the beginning, bee honey propolis and bee propolis are the same items with different names. But that doesn't mean that all propolis is actually the same. You have to understand what you're getting when purchasing propolis as a supplement.

Not every bee lives in the same habitat, and even though all honeybees will produce propolis,only bees in clean environments will produce safe propolis that will benefit you. The best bee honey propolis comes from the pristine environment of New Zealand. You won't find a bunch of chemicals there or a lot of pollution. Propolis created there is safe, natural, and it's packed with tons of vitamins, antioxidants, and other good stuff.

Understanding the Benefits

Now that you know how the bee propolis is created and where the best stuff comes from, let's talk about how this supplement can benefit you in your daily life. Millions of people are out there looking for supplements that will help them look and feel better. Does bee propolis make the grade here? Let's see a few benefits. Bee propolis contains:

•    Immune system-boosting properties
•    Antioxidants for general health and anti-aging
•    Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
•    Enough nutrients to promote general well-being
•    Substances that help fight against infections
•    Anti-inflammatory properties

At the end of the day, propolis is one of the best supplements you can take if you want to promote a healthy immune system and help to fight against aging. When you get the good stuff from the healthiest, happiest bees, you're getting a powerful supplement that may change your life.

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